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In Wiser Company always upholds responsible business practices and takes into account the interests of the market, the company, employees and the environment, as well as the changes in laws and times.

We are particularly committed to the following areas:

Employees: Qualified and proactive managers and employees are the cornerstones of sustainable success. It is our duty to abide by the law and ensure fair treatment. Volunteer service and related benefits are part of our corporate culture, which shows our concern for the interests of employees. We are responsible for the health of our employees. We believe that this is not only our responsibility; in fact, it is our major concern, because the commitment, performance, motivation, creativity and flexibility of our employees depend on their health and well-being. For us, a manufacturer of machinery and equipment, occupational safety and health is of paramount importance in our factories and global construction sites. Our many preventive measures include regular risk assessment and occupational safety training, instructions on correct lifting and handling, and the formation of first aid teams, etc.

Environment: To protect the environment, we pay special attention to energy and resource-saving production, garbage classification and avoiding waste. Garbage classification and recycling measures ensure that waste is reintroduced into the recycling of recyclable materials.

Compliance: Since the company was founded, there has been an increasing demand for reasonable and ethical behaviors of corporate management.
We abide by the law, treat our business partners and the outside world fairly, prohibit discrimination, and maintain a strict separation between business and private interests. We deal with suppliers in a spirit of cooperation and strive for long-term and lasting relationships.

Transactions that comply with competition rules and laws are vital to us.

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