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Social aspect: Social participation is a part of our social obligation. Insight Talents actively participates in various activities, such as the Chinese Youth Psychological Assistance Hotline and supporting people with disabilities.

Safety, Anti-Bribery and Ethics Policies

In Wiser Company has safety, ethics and business criteria that conform to international standards.
We conduct business with super high safety and ethical standards, have established the industry-leading HSE code of practice, and formulated strict ethics policies (including fair employment, workplace equality and anti-harassment policies) as well as globally recognized anti-bribery policies.

We ensure that all our managers, employees, subcontractors and partners comply with these policies at all times. All new employees must receive training on safety and environmental protection, ethics and anti-bribery policies before starting work. We provide training for all employees and contractors each year to ensure that everyone understands these important policies of the company.

After signing the contract or issuing the letter of acceptance, we can provide a copy of company policies for review as required by clients.

We will also follow all codes of practice of the client when executing projects or businesses. We will also ensure that the products we deliver meet the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and applicable national standards and specifications related to safety, health and environment.

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